Sunday, 28 July 2013

Two men required...

The time has come for me to sort out my stash. The studio has increasingly become a dumping ground for my accidental yarn purchases, and consequently I don't know what I have or where it's kept. I have also got to sort out my desk ready for the start of my next module at the Open University. So I've been to the dreaded hell hole that is IKEA and bought, well, lots...

So, IKEA, you say flat pack costs less, wastes less space and is generally going to save the planet hey? So why the enormous box for this tiny packet of screws and dowels?

OK, I'm all laid out and ready to go. Oh, in the instructions it says this is a two man job. Well, I'm on my own here as I don't think Pip counts as a man in this situation... This should be fun!

Oops - a work related injury already, as I tried to open the box of screwdrivers.

How hard can it be?

So far, so good.

This is easy. Two men? I don't think so.

OK, so being two people would be kind of handy about now...

And now...

Quick quality inspection by Pip. Hahahaha it looks like he's taking the credit for hammering the backboard to the bookcase. He's SO clever my Pip.

And I'm done!

Oh good god, I didn't realise the stash was THAT big. I had anticipated also putting my crochet and knitting books on this shelf... AND my sewing machines.

I'm pretty darned well pleased with this. I have been scouring the second hand shops for different coloured penguin titles to frame like this for years - finally they are all done and put into box frames, and I put up a picture shelf to display them.

And all this started because of that AMAZING retro orange Anglepoise lamp, bought from the lovely Sophie at Pineapple Retro. It goes pretty well with the fab leather swivel chair that used to belong to my friend way back in the day when she still lived in the UK and was hair-dressing for a living. I LOVE my chair :-) In fact, I love my studio now too!


  1. I love your studio too! Tres envious, I so need a space to work in, that's the trouble with having kids, they insist on taking up space in the house! ;)

  2. Lovely colourful studio with a real feel-good factor. It really shows off your creativity

  3. I tried to make it a happy colourful place, despite the beige carpet and cream walls! I'm looking forward to spending many happy hours in there designing and creating. And yes, Rainbow Vintage, it does help not having kids! Just imagine the mess they could create with all that yarn...

  4. Good work! I have a man, but neither one of us enjoys putting IKEA flat packs together, so we buy them already constructed - at the thrift stores!

    Looks very nice and so colourful. What do you mean by "accidental" yarn?

    1. You know the kind of shopping that jumps into your shopping cart when no one is looking? It's kind of like that... It starts with a discount voucher and gets steadily worse!

  5. I have a lot of accidental yarn too - it's so easy for it to get out of control!

    Mike always puts our stuff together. I am allowed to hand him things - but he doesn't really need (or want) me around. He's pretty much as independent as you are. Ha!