Monday, 15 July 2013

Horace gets a girlfriend

I can't believe I've done it again! Yes, Horace has a girlfriend. She is called Hermione, and she is a Lesser spotted Bristolian Elephant - native to bedrooms in the West Country of the UK. Be warned, you may want to wear your sunglasses reading this post. 

I haven't taken photos along the way while making Hermione, as the process was much the same as the making of Horace, but she came from a pattern by Heidi Bears. This post is going to be mainly pictures, in part because I was left speechless while constructing her front legs - I made an almighty muck up of following Heidi's instructions, and it took a few hours to locate my error (I had confused 3 motifs that Heidi's pictures showed ALL in blue and orange) and made the most bizarre looking shoulder growth... Hermione appeared to be shaped as though she was wearing a power suit with enormous shoulder pads, a la Dynasty (c. 1987). I'm pleased to say that I am laughing about it now, but at the time, the air turned blue!

I wanted a bright colour scheme, and boy, did I find one...

I've used Stylecraft Special DK yarn in cream, aspen and jaffa. I bought the jaffa and thought, Oh My! I'll never use that yarn - it's far too bright. But used in small quantities, I think it can be very effective.

I'm pretty speedy at making the African Flower motifs now.

So, without further ado, here is Hermione.

I had another serendipitous find in my handmade bead collection - the ones I made myself - and just happened to have made one in orange and turquoise. I never realised I was so keen on these colours! Here's a little close up of Hermione's bottom so you can see it properly. (Sorry Hermione, rather personal!)

I already have my orders to make another hippo and another elephant for birthday presents to my niece and nephew. I will be working on them during the summer - in between my many other planned projects. Something tells me this summer my fingers are going to be very busy!

I look forward to seeing your feedback about Hermione. I read all your comments and love receiving them. I've also managed to add two ways to follow this blog - up at the top right hand side of the page is a "join this site" button, and down here near the comments box there's a "subscribeby email" option. Now you have no excuse to miss a post xx


  1. That's the only time I have NOT been offended by seeing up the rear end of something. Welcome, Hermione! Exactly how large are these two? If you make more, you may need to get a larger house! (How is Pip coping?)

    1. Horace is about 50cm long, Hermione is about 60cm long (nose to tail). Pip is coping with our new house guests remarkably well. I was a bit concerned that he might rather, shall we say, fancy them? But we've had no inappropriate advances. In fact he seems content to ignore them both. He is a very good respecter of property. He plays with his toys, chews his own bones (and paws) and leaves my shoes, yarn and doorstops alone. He does however have a bit of a cruch on my furry hot water bottle though!

  2. Well, who can blame him? I mean, who wouldn't?

  3. I love Hermione! She's gorgeous - and that tail is fabulous (I did cover one eye so it wouldn't look like I was peeping).