Saturday, 27 July 2013

Alley Cats Galore

This past couple of weeks I've been working on some alley cats. The pattern is from  The pattern came in Dutch, but with the relevant crochet terms translated into English, so it was easy enough to translate (with the help of google translate!). The cat is the pattern called 'Kater Theo (inclusief Muis Fiep)'.

The pattern is worked in the round, and I adjusted it slightly so that I used a magic circle start rather than two chain. I didscovered that stitch markers make a neat easy way to hold the work while you make the stitches into the magic circle. No more fumble fingers for me!


This is the story of how Bob Cat and Purple Pip arrived...

Bottom's up!

Beady eyes...

Hello, anyone for skittles?

Ah, that's better - what a difference a nose and muzzle makes.

And ears...

Arms and legs ready...

And we've got an alley cat.

He's quite a model this cat. 

And now he has whiskers, he's complete.

My friend saw a picture of Bob Cat and wanted one too. She chose the colours and the name. And so Purple Pip was born...

Ready for assembly.

Welcome to the world Purple Pip.

Looking a little bewildered by it all.

My friend sings in the choir at The Proms in the Albert Hall every year, and Purple Pip will be accompanying her this year. Enjoy your Prom Purple Pip! You never know, he might end up on the telly.


  1. Rachel, do you realize you have a little gold-mine on your hands here (literally)? There's such a cat-lover market out there right now especially with all the crazy cat-stuff on social media, you could make a fortune if you made these and sold them on Etsy!

    Start with me! I would love you to make me one and I'd be willing to pay for it.

    What do you say?

    P.S. How did your chia jam turn out? I've just had a chia-seed bagel and I imagine the jam would end up being like raspberry with the seeds, did it?

    1. The purple one has sold already! Will be in touch Kat :-)

      The chia seed jam tastes peculiar and is a strange shade of pink, but I feel virtuous eating it!