Monday, 9 September 2013


When I discovered decal transfer paper I was like...

I got the idea for my mass labelling project from The Painted Hive. And I've got to say, I absolute love it. Had a great time making labels that could go on glass jars. So all the tea jars and dried food jars got labelled. This is how...

What you need:

  Decal transfer paper - I got mine from Amazon
  Nitroacrylic spray (transparent) - again I got it on Amazon
  Glass kilner jars - I got mine from Ikea

How to do it:

1. Print your label text onto the decal paper

2. Spray the paper with the Nitroacrylic spray - hold it at arms lenth and make sure you don't get any runs or you end up with a bubbly label.

Keep your Pip-squeaks out of the room while you spray because it's heady stuff!

3. Allow the spray to dry a bit so you don't blow it into waves, then use a hairdryer to dry it out completely and get hot. I found that using the lowest heat setting and the slowest setting then working my way up to full power was the best. You need to keep blowing it hot for a minute.

4. Cut out your labels.

If you are labelling small jars it's best to cut the decal label small so that it doesn't bubble and crease with the curve of the jar.

5. Put the decal labels into a bowl of water and leave for 30 seconds

6. peal the decal away from the backing paper

7. Stick the decal on your jar. I used my thumbs to spread out the decal and make it stright, and remove the excess water. 

 Use kitchen paper to remove any more water on the jar

8. Cook the jars

For 15 minutes

9. Fill your jar with goodies

10. On the bigger kilner jars I store my dry foods I included my favourite recipe on the decal


  1. What a cool idea! I should get some of these jars instead of my tupperware canisters - they're nearly 23 years old (wedding gifts)!

    1. Oh but I LOVE old tupperware! I have loads of it, and feel like a super-hero every time I managed to get the lid on with a little snap. When I was a child I used to spend hours trying to chase the lid around on the round tupperware bowls!

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