Saturday, 8 June 2013

Busy end to the academic year

I've been kind of busy here with my end of year homework and exam (exam is LOOMING large and terrifying me. But I just wanted to say briefly that I have some cool new projects to write about - and they'll be up as soon as I recover.

My Sample blanket has grown (and shrunk - boo hiss) a bit. I managed to lose some stitches when straightening up after this fancy stitch (hexagon stitch), so Pip no doubt will help with the frogging I need to do (weeps more) 

I promise I will come back soon and describe the stitches use and where it (weeps) went a bit wrong.


Meanwhile it's only about 250 days to Christmas, which mean Niece's birthday (age 11) and my sister's birthday (best keep shtum about that).

This is the Christmas Camper Blanket I made for her - again, I will post instructions soon, because I'm sure you will agree if is a very pretty blanket - and with such large blocks it was a quick grower too :)

And finally, I have a proper no-brainer project for myself while I go through the mental tortures of writing extended essays and preparing for an exam... I only need to count to three or 7 - so why do have a few ones and fours? I like to leave them in as make out I am like the rug makers of Persia who always make a deliberate mistake, because only Allah may be perfect.

This is the beginnings of my crochet rainbow

I have five stacks of gorgeousness made - only about another 11-12 to go. It's just what I need for a 20 minute from revision. And then another half an hour break just looking at their inner beauty.

I look forward to writng a somewhat more nourishing blog post really soon (I'm looking forward to the exam being finished ever more though!!!)


  1. You are managing to produce some lovely things even when studying.....well done. Look forward to hearing more about them when you have finished.

  2. This might affect me grade uh hum...

  3. Beautiful crochet...I love those pretty colours..some of my favourites!
    Happy Sunday!
    Susan x

    1. Colour makes me smile - especially on Sunday ;)

  4. I am VERY interested in the crochet rainbow :)