Sunday, 7 April 2013

April already! How did that happen?

It's April already, and I so meant to update the blog last month, but somehow just never quite got the time together to match words and pictures. Well, apparently a pictures say a thousand words, so here's some pictures of my March.

It all started with a look at the Attic 24 blog... Which I then pillaged! First up was that blooming flower cushion I made in January, pictured here with my first ever 'nor-mouse project - a Rainbow Ripple Blanket. Can you tell I've been craving a bit of sunshine and colour?

Then I fell in love with a birdie. Again, I was inspired by the Attic 24 blog, but this time there was no pattern, so I shamelessly attempted to copy it. Unfortunately my counting proved a bit wobbly, so my birdie is based on a septagon not a hexagon. (Yes, it really is called a septagon, not a c**k up!)

He has a fan-tail, and beady eyes and a little bit of embroidery on his wings

He looks quite at home on my bookcase.

And I couldn't resist having a go at making a polka dot handle for my hook(s)... 

Then there was a bit of indulgence. I went out for the day to a vintage fabric sale, and made a new friend who has a passion for retro fabric - same as me. Well, birds of a feather flock together, and she's called Rachel too! :-)

Big thank you to Rainbow Vintage Fabrics for these lovelies!

Then of course, there was walking with Pip at the river and the arrival of Buddha in the garden.

And Mother's Day - my Mum has been admiring my blooming flower cushion, so she made a special request for one for her. She chose some gorgeous Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarns and subtle coastal colours.

After the speed crochet to produce my Mum's gift, I fancied a few finishers.

Remind me if I ever choose to applique granny squares to a cushion, I HATE THE HAND SEWING! But it did turn out nice. My finisher was this granny cushion, which I lined in green and put a shabby chic roses fabric back on. 

The little heart was made from the leftovers of the Debbie Bliss yarn. And then Easter arrived, and it seemed the perfect excuse to make LOADS of flowers and add them to this wreath. Yes, it's another Attic 24 idea!

Talking about Easter, we had a visit from these rather gorgeous Easter Bunnies - inspired by a design on the Green Dragonly Blog

So, all in all, you can see why I didn't have time to write on the blog! March has been busy busy, but fun.

Do you want to see a sneaky peek at what I'm working on now? A gorgeous stitch sampler blanket, inspired by Little Woolie, in blues and pinks. I'm having a great time trying not only to figure out a good colour scheme (eek!), but I'm trying out new exciting stitches too. Which has led to a rather large bill from Amazon! (oops!)

Happy spring everyone, xx :-)


  1. Wowzers Rachel, you are super talented lady! That ripple blanket is amazeballs, and I love the wreath...and, well everything! I may have to commission you to make me an Easter wreath for next year...I can pay you in fabric! And maybe one day a blanket...pop down to my next fabric sale on Sunday 2nd June - I'll save you a bigger bit of the purple so you can make that dress! Rachel x

  2. Yay! I'm looking forward to having a dres made from that purple fabric - it's so fabulous! I'm going to run downstairs to my diary now and put you in there for the 2nd :-)

    I'm going to do a Christmas version of the wreath too, not quite sure how just yet pine cones and holly will be there and maybe a some mini stockings? but I have all the time in the world... Famous last words!


  3. You've been so productive! I'm in awe. Love that stitch sampler blanket too. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.


  4. The sampler blanket is great fun to make - although there are lots of pauses and ponderings along the way!

    Thank you xx

  5. It's all fabulous - LOVE all the bright colors! Although I also like your mom's more toned down pillow - pretty!

  6. Ah thankyou. My Mum made me laugh at the weekend. Apparently she loves her cushion and it is sat on her bed, looking really nice with one duvet cover set. Unfortunately it doesn't match the second set... Hint, hint, hint :D