Friday, 15 February 2013

Snow has melted...

The snow has melted and there are little green shoots popping up in the garden, so I was inspired to get creating. One visit to Attic 24 blog had me ogling Lucy's Blooming Flower cushion. Here's how it goes...

First up, visit Attic24 (but only if you promise to come back), and check out Lucy's tutorial. Big thank you to Lucy (you don't know me, but I love your blog! Hope that doesn't sound creepy...).

So off I went and ordered some yarn. I bought Rico cotton essentials DK. It comes in yummy bright and cheery colours, and it's reasonably priced.

So, armed with the tutorial and my new yarn, I hastily began... My work looked a bit loose, so I went down to a 3.5mm hook. Luckily this is a pattern that grows pretty quick, or I think I'd have put up with the loose look.

From this little wheel of stitches, 

beauty did grow.

And it grew...

And it got brighter...

And brighter!

Until at last the front was finished.
Then the back. Stripey and bright, and kind of like a sombrero!

Until I could crochet it together and stuff it with a cushion.

And Pip could test it for comfort.
OK, so Pip kind of got in the way there...

I am so pleased with this cushion - I keep glancing up and seeing it all bright and happy, and it cheers me up - especially in this Januray/February gloom (the sun has gone behind clouds again). Who would ever have known so few stitches could be so beautiful. Even my Mum liked it! And, it was a small enough project that I didn't get bored, and I grew in confidence so that... Yes, you guessed it, my next project will be a blanket!

Hopefully next month I'll be able to tell you all about it. Meanwhile, stay warm and happy xx


  1. I love it! I might have to make one of these for my own self :)

  2. I have to make one too! then again its so many things I want to make!!! *sigh

  3. That is bloody amazing! As a non-crocheter I am totally impressed with your hooking skills lady. Rachel x

  4. Thank you all for such lovely comments. This was my first "proper" project, and I thoroughly enjoyed making it. I very soon had orders from my Mother requesting one for Mothering Sunday :-)